Did a few exercises today.
They were simple.
Create a few classes, change them, modify them, use a list as an attribute and so on.

In a couple of ways, this was just what I needed.
One, I had an extremely busy day at work, and so I did not have the brain power to do anything complex, so I needed the bar really low any way.
And two, I’ve realised, that I have always tried to just read a book and then leap mountains. I don’t know why. I must be a sucker for pain. And then when stuff does not work, I sulk and get frustrated.
Easing into hard topics like this, makes it more enjoyable for me and I learn better.
This is a meta skill, I should remember to use.
Come to think of it, everything I have learnt recently, actually learnt, has been this way.
I learnt Dvorak and touch typing, slowly, key by single key.
I learnt to diet and lose weight, by tens of grammes in the beginning.

So, note to self.
Start small.
Do the work.
Show up daily.

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