My Reading Life

My Reading Life

April 7, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

The Art of Losing

Lose something every day.

April 6, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Notes to Self, How to Learn Vocabulary in Another Language

What I took away from Scott H Young’s article

April 5, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Ursula Vernon on Unrealistic Expectations and Eating Bread

If you’re ever feeling guilty about not cooking a fresh home-cooked meal, a reminder that people in cities historically either had cooks or ate at food stalls, going back to Ancient Greece. Ancient Egypt, too, although since everybody ate bread, beer, and onions, less of a thing. It’s a weird quirk of our obsession with nuclear families that everybody is expected to have time, skill, and equipment to cook daily and that if you’re a woman, particularly, you are a lesser person if you aren’t casually able to cook every day with random fresh ingredients....

March 5, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Beautiful Arunachal!

Land of the Dawn Lit Mountains

March 4, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Books! Do What You Will, With Them

The title says it all.

March 3, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Note to Self, Cal Newport’s Minimal Notes System

My old-style slow notetaking process. Replaced now with Elipsa Annotations, which then move along with my thoughts into Org Roam Notes. Click to see bigger Cal Newport recently did a deep dive on his podcast, on a minimalist note taking system for various areas of your life. Video’s on Youtube, if you want to watch. It’s called A Productivity System To Remember Everything You Learn. It matches, what I’ve organically been doing all these years....

March 2, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Note to Self Footnotes Using Littlefoot.js

Courtesy dothegreenthing, CC BY-NC 2.0, on Flickr I have this amazing urge never to leave well enough alone.1 The blog uses an amazing theme, called PaperMod. And ofcourse, like I said, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I’ve customised it heavily.2 The fonts are different, there are various kinds of slight colour changes, I bullied Aditya into showing me how to build a Menu, there are lots of custom Hugo shortcodes and there were footnotes powered by a nifty little Javascript library called littlefoot....

February 28, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Moving Audio Library to Flac & MP3 Formats

Converting the library to flacs/mp3s because they let me add multiple duplicate tags

February 27, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Org Mode Narrowing and Widening Buffers

Narrow to focus, widen to review and plan. tldr: “C-x n s” to narrow and “C-x n w” to widen

February 26, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza