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Programming, Day 31

  • Got back on the Python horse.
  • Using the PYM book to learn along, in the DGPLUG Summer Training.
  • Installed MU.
  • Hanging on for dear life and trying to follow along.

Programming, Day 30, Ansible

I finally got tired of rebuilding my servers from scratch everytime.
It hadn’t troubled me enough to do something about it, until recently.
I got myself a pc to do linux development on and I keep nuking the os and reinstalling.

Rebuilding it over and over was exciting in the beginning and then it sudddenly began to grate on my nerves.

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Programming, Day 29

As you know, I’m struggling to learn programming. The break has done some good.

I realised I’m overthinking this and I should just put my head down and do a little everyday.
I realised the the basic concepts aren’t that many and I just need to get fluent with them.
I just assumed that it was all so vast that I couldn’t wrapt my head around it.

Maybe it is, but everything has a seed.
And the seed it small.
Andf it contains everything the mighty oak, would ever need to grow.

Back in the saddle. Learning Ansible so that I do not have to keep doing things over and over on my box.


Learnt about RST markup last night. And if you’ve forgotten what markup is, read this.

Easy to learn, easy to use. Feels like a superset of Markdown, which I’m using to write this note. A fitting analogy, methinks, would be a supercharged text editor vs an IDE.

First doubt I had was, where’d I use it? Markdown’s already pretty handy. And then I realised, I should use the right tool for the right job. While Markdown’s pretty nifty at writing, there’d be times where I’d need to go beyond what it can do.

The first thing that came to mind, was documentation for software projects, which I help out with, quite a bit now. That’d require a more fully featured, pretty formalised way of writing Markdown, if lots of people, using lots of different systems were to use it. So, a better idea’d be to let Markdown be Markdown, and use something else, better suited.

And that’s where RST comes in. Formal, Featured, Extensible, Easy.

Here’s a quickstart primer. And I found this dingus to practice with. Pretty handy.