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Programming, Day 54

Nothing to do today.
Lazy weekend!


  • Daily use of Vim continues. Combining it (for the daily posts at least) with touch typing. Everything is terribly slow! It can only get better from here out :)
  • Completed all of lesson Q1 in gtypist today again. Went faster this time. Confident enough to start Q2, Monday onwards.
  • Learnt how to configure basic authentication on an Nginx site. Feel like I can manage my own stuff now. With this I think, I’ve done my 20 hours of Nginx too :)

How to read, how to write, how to make sense of life, with Robert Green

I’m a big fan of Shane Parrish’s, The Knowledge Project.
Last night, I finished Episode 35, with Robert Green.

If you have trouble figuring out how to read, or take notes, and synthesize what you learn, go listen to how a master does it. (Spoiler, it’s pretty low tech)
Take what he teaches and adapt it digitally if you want.

Robert taught it to my favorite Stoic author, Ryan Holiday who’s given a good description of it, here in his Medium post.
And if you really want to get into the weeds, Ryan breaks it all down here, in along post replete with photos

You’ll find the shownotes with links here. Give it a listen.

All of this to say, Read more! Write more!
After your first programming language, writing is the most important skill you’ll pick up as a programmer who wants to make a mark.
You have to write daily!

The way you train reflects the way you fight. People say I’m not going to train too hard, I’m going to do this in training, but when it’s time to fight I’m going to step up. There is no step up. You’re just going to do what you did every day.”

— Georges St. Pierre